A word to say when something unexpected happens. Another word to say instead of fuck, shit, damn. A better word to say when you are around adults.
Taylor: "Look out for that bee!"
Debanhi: "BLOOSH!!"
by Shamika Deward April 13, 2011
Top Definition
The sound that fat makes.
Oh god, Randy, tuck your fat back in, I can hear it blooshing from all the way across the room! Get the goddamned donut out of your mouth and do a sit-up, for Chrissakes.
by IcedWater May 26, 2007
n. The sweat that appears under fat peoples man boobs and fat rolls.
"Dude, look at that chubby bubby... his shirt is covered in bloosh."

"Wow, it must be a sauna inside that shirt with all that bloosh soaking everything."

-"That guy's shirt got darker over the course of the day... WTF?"
-"It's all the bloosh he's making under there. If you wanted you could bottle it and sell it in stores."
-"I would totally buy that."
-"Thats sick, Trevor."
by iheartsmesumBigMacs November 02, 2010
When you here a loud noise LIKE BLOOSH!
Damn... Gil you HAD A LOUD BLOOSH
by Kelvin Lin May 12, 2003
A word that means blood gushing out of the pinkie toe yet covered by a thin layer of skin. Also known to drive Izzy insane.
Emy - "hey izzy!"
Izzy - "yeah?"
Emy - "BLOOSH!!"
Izzy - " AHHHHHH!!! EWWWWW!!!!"
by emis October 19, 2006
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