Debanhi it's the kind of a girl that it's in extinction,because,she is beatiful from the inside and outside,yes the best of both worlds in one girl,if she fall in love with you ,she can melt your heart,she can make your heart happy also... a little bit impuslive,creative,brave,strong,and she can accomplish a lot of things,those are a little bit of qualities that define's the kind of girl that can produce heartgasm!!!,a girl with beatiful eyes,so beatiful those eyes,that the legend says that the brightness of her eyes were stolen from two stars from the sky...she's the whole package,she's unique,she's the one!!ily!!
GIRL: hey remember hector?
dude:yeah ,he fell in love ,he met a debanhi,and they going to be married soon,im so happy for him,!!
by Sebastianhdebtx November 08, 2011

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