Someone who just doesn't belong, either in a certain situation, time, or place
Why are you such a f*cking Blooper?!

What a Blooper..
by -ari- February 06, 2011
Top Definition
A mistake or accident or an embarrassing moment.
Dropping the phone in the sink in front of my new boyfriend was a big blooper!
by Lauren April 27, 2004
1. an error

2. an embarrassing error that has to be removed from the show or movie.
Many videos and DVDs allow you to view the bloopers that were removed when the movie was made.
by Light Joker June 07, 2005
Those squids in the Mario games.
They are a bitch to escape when you are swimming, totally vulnerable to them unless you have a fire flower or a cape.
A blooper attacked me when I was trying to swim towards that mushroom, taking my last life!
by Loodeedoo January 29, 2009
1. A mistake
2. An embarassing scene or action.
Usually applies to TV
"Linda made a big blooper last night when she fell down on the set."
by mademoiselle September 22, 2003
A Mario Kart Wii item made of Fail and AIDS, which squirts ink on the screens of all drivers ahead of you, supposedly making it harder to see. It's nearly useless against decent human opponents.
I was in 8th and was ready to get a Gold Mushroom or a Star or something to catch up on the final lap, and what do I get? A freakin' blooper. And to make matters worse this guy zoomed by me with a Bullet Bill, so I got 9th.
by HeavyD2 August 02, 2009
Blooper - n.
Birth of a child resulting from a porno.
Oh yeah! Oh, yeah, do me Hamays! *squelch* *crying* Aw, damn, throw that kid in the trash can labeled "blooper."
by EminJ July 08, 2009
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