Blooper - n.
Birth of a child resulting from a porno.
Oh yeah! Oh, yeah, do me Hamays! *squelch* *crying* Aw, damn, throw that kid in the trash can labeled "blooper."
by EminJ July 08, 2009
a blunt with percocet in it
I just smoked a fat blooper
by blooperinventor420 October 19, 2008
A big turd falling into toilet water making a 'bloop' sound.
I just made a huge blooper honey!
by Darin Number 2 April 18, 2007
pass gas, fart
The baby let a blooper.
by flatulant fanny March 17, 2010
uber or awesome
Danny: Hey you stupid douce why do you watch American Idol?

Marc(the pansy):idk maybe because it's blooper
by impulsepizza January 14, 2009
Nothing special enough to make an entertaining TV Show out of, trust me.
Bring on the third series of Carnivale!
"'And now... the Worlds Greatest Bloopers!!-'"
"Oh, switch this crap off!"
by Dylan Hewson June 21, 2005

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