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Someone who just doesn't belong, either in a certain situation, time, or place
Why are you such a f*cking Blooper?!

What a Blooper..
by -ari- February 06, 2011
6 9
Blooper - n.
Birth of a child resulting from a porno.
Oh yeah! Oh, yeah, do me Hamays! *squelch* *crying* Aw, damn, throw that kid in the trash can labeled "blooper."
by EminJ July 08, 2009
2 6
A big turd falling into toilet water making a 'bloop' sound.
I just made a huge blooper honey!
by Darin Number 2 April 18, 2007
20 24
uber or awesome
Danny: Hey you stupid douce why do you watch American Idol?

Marc(the pansy):idk maybe because it's blooper
by impulsepizza January 14, 2009
9 14
pass gas, fart
The baby let a blooper.
by flatulant fanny March 17, 2010
0 6
Nothing special enough to make an entertaining TV Show out of, trust me.
Bring on the third series of Carnivale!
"'And now... the Worlds Greatest Bloopers!!-'"
"Oh, switch this crap off!"
by Dylan Hewson June 21, 2005
14 37