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The male notion of 'look'. An amalgam of 'bloke' and 'look': a half hearted glance or impatient scan of a general area whilst searching for an object but without specific focus or proper attention. A man will 'blook' for something, swear it isn't there and a woman will look in the same place and it will have been there all along. Related in root to 'blisten', the male version of listen.
'Sandra where's my hacksaw? I left it in the shed and it's gone'
'Did you look properly or did you blook?'
'I looked properly I'm not stu....oh it's here.'
by Chuggabug June 26, 2009
A printed compendium of a blog, available in book form.
I'm not really sure why people would buy a blook when they can just read the blogs for free.
by Ben Frey April 06, 2006
dripping vagina, cunt, pussy

uber bitch
Don't be such a blook.
Give me your blook
by c0r1n21 February 10, 2009
The condition of becoming a moody mary or negative nancy because of having a thelly.
Naplam has really been a blook lately.
by drgroom December 23, 2004
a person who is unnecessarily thought to be intimidating when really, she or he is a pretty nice person.
"But I can't just go over and talk to her, she's intimidating."
"Are you kidding me? She's the nicest girl in the world..."
"I guess. She's a total blook."
by BrownsvilleGirl February 28, 2005