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Substitute word for inexpressible or inappropriate words or language. Similar to "whatchamacalit."
"Son of a bloobie!" "I feel bloobie." "Oops - my bloobie." "It's a bloobie situation."
by Ecofreak September 05, 2006
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1a: A situation, person or thing causing a negative (i.e., blue) mood or situation to be reversed. 2a: A regular, charming character that brings much joy or happiness. 3. An endearing tem (i.e., synonym for ‘dear’ or ‘love’). 4. A delightful event. 5. A cheer signifying success. 6. A term to express all emotions relating to happiness or contentment.
“I was feeling down and then met up with the bloobie”
“It’s the bloobie!”
“I’ll always remember the way my bloobie made me feel”
“That was bloobielicious”
“Congratulations! What a bloobie!”
“Bloobie! That’s whack!”
by Nora Tolstoy January 13, 2008
a blind boobie
you're nothin but a bloobie
by squini December 25, 2011
A member of Goucher College's kick ASS a cappella group "Red Hot Blue."
"Yo, this party is bloobies only."

"Bloobies know what time it is?" "GAME TIME, GAME TIME!"
by The Fat Kid November 11, 2007
Extra fatty parts of the body.
"Look at her bloobie arms!"
"My leg is all bloobie"
by mandy June 19, 2004

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