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the breasts of blue-skinned aliens or other humanoids, such as those of Zhaan, the Delvian Seek of Farscape.
I wonder what Zhaan's bloobies look like?!?
by kateshampoo September 11, 2006
Blooby can mean anything that is good, it is usually but not always associated with the words.. good, happy, hot, skinny, cool, smart, etc.

Antonym of Ploopy
1) OMG! That guy is so Blooby!
2) Whenever I see your face I bloob up
3) Wow that guy is so ugly he makes barney look like bloob
4) Wow your so blooby
by ItzMePops December 26, 2009
adj.- crazy, weird

noun- a crazy or weird organism
Jeez that cat is blooby
by Tooby Booby April 19, 2009
Really nice pair of boobs that you know you can't touch that give you the feeling of having blue balls!
"That chick at rockfest had nice bloobies"
by Mboase June 01, 2014
Blue balls syndrome,common for pedophiles,furries,and asian lovers.
Charles has a massive case of bloobies, so much so that Jade will not touch him because of fear of being splurged on.
by Orgasmic Chef December 17, 2007
when you haven't had any kind of sexual anything with a woman for a very long time and you try to make it better by massive masterbation you develop a case of the bloobies or (blue balls).
Colton has the biggest damn case of the blue balls i've ever seen. They look like giant blue berries for Christ's sake.
by Austin Reed February 05, 2005
bloody boobs... don't ask why.
Is it wrong that I have a blooby fetish?
by PopFree Monkey February 06, 2007
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