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A more appropriate sounding word for a blimp and its general movement
The blomp blomped around above the stadium.
by Adam Tuxbury September 11, 2007
A blomp occurs when a woman's breasts (normally large) bounce against her body whilst walking/jumping.
"Her tits are massive! Everytime she gets up and walks it's just like blomp, blomp, blomp!"
by BJC96 February 25, 2014
To show excessive affection for on one's blog. From glomp and blog.
Guy: "Man, have you seen how much Sarah's been talking about Jim on her blog?"
Girl: "Yeah, she totally blomped him."
by Shrapnelwolf April 20, 2010
much like the glomp known by anime fans, but without the pouncing start. Included in the Risembool Ranger Dictionary.
I have given the Führer a blomp!
by Riyou October 27, 2007
A misspelling of the term "Glomp"... Now known as a boob glomp
"She keeps blomping me! D:"
by Ashara Lyina February 13, 2010
fat belly made of pudge
if someone has a blomp it means they have fat-ish belly but they are not actually overweight.
by Matt (Blompcube) May 08, 2005
Blomp is that annoying substance you get after a hard day at either work/college/school etc...

It sits inside your ass crack, and smells soo bad it makes a nun cry.

Basically if you havent wiped properly, or just couldnt be arsed, you get BLOMP at the end of the day, when the remainder of the shit mixes with the natural sweat and begins BLOMP!
'Jesus christ, that was a hard day at work'
'Yea man, boss made us do a shit load of papers!'
'One sec, need the toilet'

*In Toilet*

'What ISIT?!?!?'
by James Bent January 13, 2008
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