tired and logy, as from lack of sleep or that feeling right after waking up from a nap, lethargic, lack of energy, blah, or that sort of stoned antihistamine or pain pill feeling, sluggish
I was up all night, worked all day, and now I just feel bloggy.
by HollyB September 20, 2006
Top Definition
someone who instead of talking (blabby), they think every little thing they do should be documented; or someone who fills their blog with inane filler text expounding on minutiae just to create entries; adjective, adverb
Sarah records every moment of her life whether she's doing laundry or waiting in traffic, she's so bloggy.
by smiami March 14, 2009
Quickly created, opinionated, and reactionary writing. Writing that risks being inaccurate, unclear or poorly written, as it is not thoroughly considered and edited. "Bloggy" writing would not be considered an example of concise or professional writing.

Intentionally similar to foggy, as defined as unclear; also, to sloppy.

Derivatives: bloggier, bloggiest; blogginess (noun); bloggily (adverb).
I like your letter to the editor, but it is BLOGGY. You wrote it quickly, after all. You ought to revise it a bit before you send it.

The BLOGGINESS in your Web comment leaves a lot of room for assumption, but I see how you feel about the article!

Ben was very ticked off at a biased journalist, and his comment was one of his BLOGGIEST.
by roosterhome March 26, 2009
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