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3 definitions by roosterhome

To put excessive attention and emphasis on something without offering a specific validation for it;
expressing approving or positive opinions, assurances, or denying anything negative, about the target topic with a propagandist flair, without quantifiable or other viable value, stressing positive rhetorical commentary beyond anything else. Inspired by the tendencies of the presidential campaign of 44th U.S. prez, Barack Obama, putting lots and lots of money and thus lots of message control over information being popularly taken in by average citizens. Saturating marketing channels with a message in order to obtain familiarity, whether the message holds any weight or value beyond simplistic cheerleading
That software's reputation is very low, but the way the developers obamatized it, you'd think it were a miracle of modern technology.
by roosterhome November 05, 2008
Quickly created, opinionated, and reactionary writing. Writing that risks being inaccurate, unclear or poorly written, as it is not thoroughly considered and edited. "Bloggy" writing would not be considered an example of concise or professional writing.

Intentionally similar to foggy, as defined as unclear; also, to sloppy.

Derivatives: bloggier, bloggiest; blogginess (noun); bloggily (adverb).
I like your letter to the editor, but it is BLOGGY. You wrote it quickly, after all. You ought to revise it a bit before you send it.

The BLOGGINESS in your Web comment leaves a lot of room for assumption, but I see how you feel about the article!

Ben was very ticked off at a biased journalist, and his comment was one of his BLOGGIEST.
by roosterhome March 26, 2009
(1) Strong interest in a politician, political idea or political cause which can appear to be philosophical or merit based, but upon deeper investigation is characterized by a sexual, near-sexual or emotional attraction, or other nonsensical, unbalanced, primal or emotion-based affinity or need for that political person or thing.

In the political news media, or among other politicians, this results in the lowest, most biased form of news reporting and political deal-making known to man, outside of fascist or other propaganda or abuse of power.

(2) Term related to the depraved mental condition that makes one capable of relating political ideas and sexual attraction. It is a fanatical, often simplistic, illogical devotion to a politician or a political party of idea.

Politisexual reporting (adj)
Example: Chris Matthews, especially when regarding his Obama coverage.

Politisexual attraction (noun)
Occurs to anyone mentally weak enough to emotionally and/or unconsciously have an emotional or erogenous affinity for politicians or political things. Dependence or allegiance to a political person or thing in a sexual-like manner.
Example: Keith Olberrman, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ralph Reid, Rush Limbaugh, and Rusty Humphries all suffer from a politisexual attraction similar to single-minded, vacuous nymphomaniacs. Some worse than others.
The interest of Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, in Barack Obama not only abandoned an objective reporting premise, but it escaped mere improper political affinity by this news reporter and entered the realm of a sick, difficult-to-watch, politisexual interest.
by roosterhome January 06, 2009