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v. to secretly read someone's blog with the express purpose of learning more about them without their knowledge; to stalk via blog
I'm going to blog-stalk my friend's new boyfriend and find out what he's really like.

I'm blog-stalking that cute girl in poli sci.

My blog-stalker finally posted a comment; she should've known I was tracking her through my web stats.
#blog #stalking #dating #internet #stalker #web log
by Putnawa September 27, 2005
A. One who creeps on others blogs, and knows too much of the blog owner.
Might become obsessed with checking for new updates & pretend like they know them.
What a creep...i just checked my stats and that one girl totally blog-stalks me
#blogcreep #stalk #blog #creep #blogger
by creepin October 22, 2010
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