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when receiving oral sex from a woman and she vomits because she began to gag
Geeze Sam, can't you find a clean woman that wont bloaf all over you during sex
by richie July 28, 2004
An unexpected fart, or farting without knowing you're farting.
(Person 1) "Dude...ugh...did you fart?"

(Person 2) "No dude, not that i know of...maybe i bloafed."
by Era825 August 18, 2008
Can be used in any part of speach- noun, verb, adverb, adjective ("bloafy"); originates from full term "blow fish". The term describes one who is a fat oaf who never gets anything accomplished. It involves access eating of unhealthy foods most often while watching movies and/or TV on DVD...specifically one tree hill. Proper attire required (no jeans, hoodies and sweats are best)
Common phrases in which word is used "DTB?" "She looks bloafy." "I straight bloafed this box of cheezits""Girl you straight BLOAFIN" "Does this make me look bloafy?"
by Dovie1874 February 02, 2011
n- oafish creature who roams Judd Scool. Dependant on Club Des Jeunes orig.- Tom, Matt, Isaac, and Chris circum. 2004
abbr. Blo, Dickhead, Flakey McSnakey
1. Did you catch that far-out Bloaf?
2. Urgh. What a Bloaf.
3. Bloaf is such a flakey Bloaf.
4. Don't be a Bloaf
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
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