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Formal term meaning: to move with unhindered grace around an area with the presence of another enjoying the same activity.

Urban term: Humping someone in public

Sad world isn't it.
Cinderlla went (formal) dancing.
Jenny and I were (urban) dancing all night at the club, then more at her house.
by Richie August 30, 2003
hes from long island dumbass not queens
rakim is a madd good rapper
by richie December 12, 2004
"Hurensohn" is the German word for "Son of a bitch"
I hate you, fucking Hurensohn
by Richie December 09, 2003
Verb, present continuative tense of ming, q.v.

1. smelly
2. ugly
3. drunk, (usu. used in relating last night's events)
4. generally distasteful, Someone who is minging is also a minger, q.v.

This word is widely used in the North of England and Scotland.
"I went to the pub last night and it was so smokey, my clothes are minging!"
"He's thinks he looks great but he's minging."
"My mate's dog drank a whole bowlful of rum and he was minging!"
"Chuck that kebab out, it's minging!"
by Richie December 11, 2003
Simply put, a piss jug is any large vessel that houses ones urine for safe transportation to a landfill site.
Rays piss jugs ended up congesting up one entire end of the sunnydale dump..........
by Richie June 06, 2006
THE greatest person in the world. Smart and witty, funny and beautiful... She rocks so hard that everyone should want to be her.
OMG! Lyssie rocks so hard! I wish I was her!
by Richie December 09, 2004
when receiving oral sex from a woman and she vomits because she began to gag
Geeze Sam, can't you find a clean woman that wont bloaf all over you during sex
by richie July 28, 2004

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