Nickname for Blake Griffin, starting power forward on the Los Angeles Clippers. Analogous to "Drizzy" (Drake's nickname).
Baron Davis nearly screwed up that alley-oop, but Blizzy saved his ass.
by FUGumby January 12, 2011
I romped your mother so hard, I got a blizzy on my pizzy
by Mya Certs September 02, 2003
A blue lizard (Located in the northern regins of australia)
"Crikey, I caught myself a Blizzy today!!!"
by Dee Snutsenermouff September 02, 2003
I got a blizzy the other day
by Justin Morris Wood August 24, 2003
Huge or Large
Lemme get a blizzy sip of that beer.
by The Duke November 12, 2003
A large amount of something, usually beverage.
Yo, lemme get a blizzy sip of your beer.
by Jeff DelDona (Blizzy Wizard) November 12, 2003
black pussy
i love blizzy
by deez March 27, 2003

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