A blinky is a gun.
A gun is a blinky.
Blinkies are Guns.
Guns are Blinkies.
Don't mess with me, i got my blinky in my pocket.
by Chinaboy April 13, 2008
A street term for gun. Usually meaning a handgun.
Yo, there might be some problems later so make sure u bring the blinky.
by Macho_BX December 08, 2008
A word used to determine connectivity on a network device.
Person at one end of cable, "Blinky?"
Person at other end, "Blinky blinky.."
by Mikeybg April 13, 2004
someone who can't get it up
Blinky's got a floppy
When a person orgasm/organsm's are so intense they lose consciousness.
Wayne fucked me so hard he gave me a blinky.
by Blinkxxx September 15, 2011
The butt hole. The Hershy highway. AKA "The Starfish", "Pooper shoot"
Her ass was so fine I couldn't help but stick my johnson in her blinky.
by Anal Andy June 23, 2007
1) Maria Boren, sexy contestant on Season 2 of reality TV show "The Apprentice" who blinks a lot, esp. when under stress.

see also my fantasy
Blinky was finally fired for incompetence on The Apprentice last night. I'll miss watching her.
by DrNo December 02, 2004

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