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Word applied to milk when it has just started to go bad. Used when milk is marginal--almost ok to drink. Used by my Texan mother and grandmothers for at least 100 years.
"Ugh. This milk is blinky. Tomorrow it'll be bad for sure."
by stariel March 22, 2008
Shooting jizz in the partners eye.
She was gagging on my bone when I pulled out so I wouldn't come in her mouth and I ended up giving her a blinky.
by spoogy August 22, 2003
A 3-eyed mutant fish created by toxic waste spewed out of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.
Wow! Blinky has 3 eyes!
by Luigi July 24, 2003
someone that blinks uncontrollably so that his vision turns into a sideshow. This sometimes leads to awkward moments and situations where the person misses something in life which is why most Blinkys are mentally impaired/ retarded.
Yesterday Kelvin started touching men, but then i remembered that he was a blinky and i took pity on him because he couldn't see and was mentally retarded.
by Micheal Petrovski December 17, 2007
The derogotory term for an Afro-Chinese person, male or female
Wow, he's a blinky
by Jay June 02, 2004
If you someone know who is cool, funny, and an all around good person, their name can be substituted for the word "Blinky". Blinx or Blinko or Blinkmeister are also appropriate. As a matter of fact, any variation containing 'blink' in it is fine.
Blinky's on fire! He just gave that girl the shocker!
by blinky2379 November 30, 2005
1) The red bad guy in Pac-Man. Also known as Shadow. Toughest of the 4 monsters to shake.

2) An annoying person who gloms onto you and you can't seem to ditch.
"WTF, I can't lose this blinky... move her drink to another table..."
by allsgood March 14, 2005
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