Blink-182 (Travis)
Hey i think Blink-182 is one of the koolest bands ever who cares if you dont like them cos i do. o and Travis is 1 of the Hottest Guys ever besides (Julian Casablancas) hes also my man ive always liked him and seem him twice in concert for my Birthday.
by BrItTaNy January 24, 2004
or blink 182 a bang who's song writing talent climaxed with "Dammit" who's popularity climaxed with "All the Small Things" and who's members probably climaxed themselves with "Fucking Dogs"
"Well I guess this is growing up."
"Turn the lights off, carry me home."
"I wanna fuck a dog in the ass!"
by dan November 14, 2003
one of the many bands responsible for introducing annoying kids to punk music. there's more to punk than watching mtv and hanging out at the mall. just because you slam into people doesn't mean you're slam dancing.
annoying kid: "dude blink182 is the best punk band ever!"
me: "ever heard of crass, or subhumans, or reagan youth, or mdc, or any band that hasn't been on mtv or sold in the mall?"
annoying kid: "you're gay"
me: "thank you for proving my point, now please stop coming to punk shows."
by Dustin Like What June 27, 2004
a seriously hardcore punkrawk trio that happen to keep the art alive along w/ Sum 41 & Mest after greenday & and the offspring walked away from itplus they brought it back to the nasty sex driven music the sex pistols meant for it to be so shut the hell up if uz don't like em, and stop buyin, they,re cds BEE-yotch
blink182 is the shit & u know it BEE-yotch
by da shiz-nick January 12, 2005
An emo band out of california. NOT PUNK. Punk is actually worth listening to. If someone calls Blink 182 "punk" they either dont know what they're talking about, or they want to justify their existence by saying that they're "punks". the Clash are punks. the Ramones are punks. Blink 182 is NOT.
Dude #1: Dude, im such a punk, i listen to blink 182!!
Dude #2: Blink 182 isnt punk, its emo which = crap.
Dude #1: Nooooooo!!!!!!
by teh pan man June 24, 2004
the best band that has ever/will ever be! and also the poeple im going to marry totally kcik ass songs and music with incredibly fun live shows
blink 182 is the shitttt
by emily June 14, 2004
a band that was fucking awesome until they made synthesized, watered down, and extremely pop and catchy music. now they just slap their instruments around whenever the man wants a record.
punk shouldnt go pop
maybe acoustic
never synthesized
by i pwnz April 03, 2004

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