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when a band doesnt know when they are gonna get back together and perform or release another album
Blink-182 are on an "indefinite hiatus" so they can spend some more time with their families
#long term break #indefinte hatus #indeinite hiatus #indefinite haitus #inedfinite hiates
by Das is derblistaff August 04, 2006
A fancy term for 'break up'. Bands use it to think it will soften the blow on their fans, when they infact know the harsh truth.

Can also be used when you don't believe anything will ever get done
Ex. 1: Blink.182 and Sleater-Kinney say they're on 'indefinite hiatus', but everyone knows they've broken up...

Ex. 2: Pete Wentz says that Release The Bats 2 has been put on 'indefinite hiatus'. He might as well say it's never going to be released.
#break up #blink 182 #sleater-kinney #release the bats 2 #pete wentz
by Yukari July 13, 2006
like Wot blink 182 are on.
Blink-182 have announced an 'indefinite hiatus'
by huge blink fan February 24, 2005
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