A blind SQL injection vulnerability.
The web application was full of blindies, such as:

login.asp?username=' OR '1'='1&password=d0ngz
by sos2011 May 19, 2011
Top Definition
A blind person. Unlike the other definition its derogatory nature is derived from context. Blind people often refer to themselves as this. (I felt inclined to correct the previous definition, as I've only rarely seen it used in a derogatory way).
"I know this blindie who can do pretty much anything besides drive himself around"
"They say this organization supports blindies but seems like a lot of their money goes elsewhere."
by pycthedragon January 27, 2014
A selfie taken where the flash has forgotten to be turned off leading to a severe momentary daze
I just took a selfie forgot the flash was on ......hit fucking knee on coffee table blindie
by matty89 March 14, 2015
The word black combined with the word indie, usually a hipster that has holes in their jeans, havs a funky name, wears obnoxious bows, listens to alternative music, carries a camera with them as if their photographers, and takes indie pictures for their profile on facebook.
Fefe: Hey dude check out that hipster
Zara: Yo, that's a blindie
Fefe: No way!
Zara: Oh yes way.
by anindiehipster June 08, 2010
a durugatory term for someone that is blind.
damn blindies were all over the place today at the shopping mall.
by the sorriest lamb October 17, 2009
Combines black and indie. Basically, a black hipster. Can be found anywhere hipsters normally hang out.
With funky gladiator sandals, turquoise jeans, black American Apparel v-neck, colorful scarf, and her iPod blasting Bloc Party, Sasha is an official Blindie.
by Tperks April 26, 2008
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