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Blind Guardian rank with Helloween and Stratovarius as the main innovators of the Germanic speed/power metal style that has been massively popular in Europe for the past several years. Blind Guardian themselves did derive from Helloween early in their career, but took that style to a new level, with advanced musicianship and folk/fantasy-based lyrical themes predominating much of their work.
Hansi Kürsch bass/vocals
Marcus Siepen guitars
Andre Olbrich guitars
Thomas Stauch drums
by Karth June 30, 2004
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The best power metal band ever, they wipe their ass with nu metal, emo, "gangsta rap" and all other forms of music for pussies. Grow some testicles.
I went to the Blind Guardian concert, and kicked the whiny rich-bitch goth cunt in the face till she bled all over daddy's BMW.
by George Smith May 21, 2003
amazingly good power metal band. sound like a mix between medieval music and iron maiden. are influenced by the J.R.R. Tolkien.
the soulforged is god.
by psychoman364 November 01, 2003
the band that pwns you.
"I was just listening to -insert generic rock band-"

"Dude...ever hear of BG?"

by Mabus November 09, 2003
one of the best metal bands that has ever walked the face of this earth!
SHIT! Blind Guardian fucking kicks ass!!!
by Lord Mediocrity April 14, 2003
What can I say? A great Power Metal band liked by great people.

I would argue than Nightfall in Middle Earth is their best album, but again, they all rock. With amazing voal talent by Hansi Kursch, Andre Olbirch on guitars, Marcus Siepen on bass, and Thomas "Thomen" Stauch on percussion, they just kick ass. They originate from Krefeld, Germany.

Curse of Feanor and Bright eyes! WOO!
Alec: Dude, did you see Blind Guardian at Bloodfest?
Kyle: Hell yeah!
by Alec January 20, 2005
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