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Power Metal band dating back to early 80's from Germany. One of the best power metal band's ever to grace us with almost every album kicking ass, especially Walls of Jericho.
by Alcoholocaust June 13, 2004
Probably the most influencial power band to come out of europe along with blind guardian ... You can split Helloween into two if the melodic speed power metal band heard throughout the 80's with classic albums such as Walls Of Jericho and Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1+2.

The other is the band lost without kai hansen and michael kiske , a much different band which has lost the brilliance from the 80's...and replaced it with singer andi deris who is very poor live

Greatest Work is Keeper Of The Seven Keys
Helloween are great !!
by Junglemanchild April 13, 2005
A Halloween party that totally rocks! supplied with all the temptations to sin and worthy of going straight to perdition!
I did not only get wasted, but I also got laid and all without any effort! Now, that's what I call a "Hell-oween" party!
by Cybercass October 29, 2011
The name of some long lost group who thought it was a good idea to combine the most generic greeting in the english language and the name of some underground group (who despite being around for 36 years still suck), to create a name for their own band.

Who the fuck are you? and what did you just call me?
by Donut M. July 27, 2010
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