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the exact same act as a blumpkin, except with full a rimjob is given after the initial blowjob and defecation is complete.
by jon September 16, 2003
The smae thing as a blumpkin except you are eating a blimpie's sub.
It was so awesome, I was so hungry and my girlfriend gave me a blimpkin, not hungry anymore.
by crazylady10 July 15, 2011
Receiving a blow job while taking a shit in the toilet on a blimp
i caught Lawrence giving Jeff a Blimpkin last week in the Goodyear blimp
by Shenis September 18, 2013
A blumpkin occuring on an airborne blimp. See blumpkin.
While receiving a blimpkin I wondered whether I also qualified for the mile-high club.
by The Pod February 26, 2005
A blumpkin occuring in an airborne blimp. See blumpkin.
I recieved a blimpkin and wondered whether that also qualified me into the mile-high club.
by Sandip February 26, 2005
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