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Interjection: A Bristolian form of the mild expletive blimey.
Drops Ming vase off Clifton Suspension Bridge:
"Oh blige!"
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 12, 2005
The new term for weed

Created because of Mary J. Is too easy to figure out so we use Blige because of the singer Mary J. Blige
Kid 1 "Want to hang with Blige after school today?"

Kid 2 "Sure man!"

Kid 3 "Who is Blige?"

Kid 1 and 2 "Obviously you dont know her..."
by j6790 February 20, 2010
Getting high, blazin, smoking weed.
I just got some dank ass weed in the mail last night.

So you wanna blige later?
by pussyfiend June 04, 2009
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