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A word that means rubbish, poor, dead, shit etc.
This film is blent.
What a blent excuse for a game.
I went to this really blent party the other day.
This book I have to read for English is so blent.
Stop being so blent and relax man.
#boring #rubbish #shit #slacking #poor #terrible #blent
by MrWhayman November 01, 2011
New and improved past participle of "blend" (better than "blended").
As blent families go, the Brady Bunch is the most famous in the history of network television.
#blended #blint #to blend #mixed #combined
by Gaga Honk April 27, 2011
Noun - Major dumbass that likes to act like a 12 year old and talk shit on Kongregate.

Blent should grow up and never talk in chat again.
blent3342: I am a DUMBASS.... I like to talk shit in internet chat cause I think it makes me look tough!
#blent #kongregate #homo #douchebag #loser
by LiLWiP May 27, 2008
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