The day between Tuesday and Wednesday. Not exactly midnight, but an entire day we havent even realized exists yet, thus pushing Monday into the weekend, making it a 5/3 work to day off ratio for those of us who work 9-5.
"Man, I have to work overtime on bleen, thats so lame"


"I think we should get time and a half on bleen, the time always seems to pass so slow, Bleen is a curse, atleast Wednesday is still cool"
#bleen #brue #gleen #green #blue
by God McHabinaugh July 28, 2006
Similar to "Blown," But just a way to say your more "Blown(In reference to being baked off of greenery) but with a little pazazz to it.
(After 3 Blunts)
a. How ya' feelin' tiger?
b. Straight up bleen
a. To the extreme?
b. Bleen to the extreme.
a. Not Blown?
b. Beyond Blown...straight..bleen.
a. Nice.
#chibby #smoke #reef #weed #blown
by Paul Condencino January 20, 2007
A number between 5 and 6 (according to the official Bleen homepage, which I have never seen).
So, is bleen higher or lower than 5.5?
by Brian M September 08, 2003
A number between 5 and 6 and 7.
That dude has bleen computers in his office.
by Brian M September 08, 2003
The use of cutting edge video production equipment to overly enhance an otherwise low grade television program, using complicated video effects and graphics.
We had to add some bleen to that news segment about the cat stuck in a tree.
by The Big K June 27, 2005
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