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a bloody queef, an expulsion of blood and vaginal gas out of vagina.
I was going down on some bitch and she bleefed in my mouth.
by bleefmasterdan December 12, 2005
When a woman queefs profoundly enough to expel menstrual blood out of the vagina and into the atmosphere.
Math class went great except when I accidentally bleefed loudly in front of my teacher, making my white jeans nearly unrecognizable.
by Sammin21 September 14, 2009
Noun: a bloody vaginal fart, used to describe a person who can not live up to a challenge, a cop out
Verb: to cop out
At the campfire on Friday, my friends were being a bunch of bleefs and went to bed.

My friend had two shots and bleefed out early
by bdiddy4677 July 19, 2011
The act of queefing (expulsion of air out of the vagina) while squirting blood. Usually occuring while the female is on a period.
Christine needed to take out her tampon and bleef.
This may be considered the opposite of a shart.
by terminator1234 January 17, 2011
A fart that travels from your butt to your vagina.
Girl: Did someone just bleef?
Bitch: That bleef was so disgusting and wet!
by YourMomXXX420 January 08, 2015
A Bleef occurs when a girl on her period queefs, and thereby expels blood and air from her vagina.
Yesterday Becky bleefed all over my jeans and ruined them.
by bpc33 November 21, 2008
1. After taking someones anal virginity, the aftermath, A Bloody Fart.

2. The act of Farting Blood
Dan: "I did her so hard in her ass last night!"
Zach: "Oh Yeah, first time huh?"
Dan: "Yea, right before i pulled out she let out this huge Bleef, that blood got all over me!"
Zach: "Thats awesome!!"
by Nut Zach March 21, 2008

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