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a bloody queef, an expulsion of blood and vaginal gas out of vagina.
I was going down on some bitch and she bleefed in my mouth.
by bleefmasterdan December 12, 2005
53 15
When a woman queefs profoundly enough to expel menstrual blood out of the vagina and into the atmosphere.
Math class went great except when I accidentally bleefed loudly in front of my teacher, making my white jeans nearly unrecognizable.
by Sammin21 September 14, 2009
22 9
Noun: a bloody vaginal fart, used to describe a person who can not live up to a challenge, a cop out
Verb: to cop out
At the campfire on Friday, my friends were being a bunch of bleefs and went to bed.

My friend had two shots and bleefed out early
by bdiddy4677 July 19, 2011
2 2
The act of queefing (expulsion of air out of the vagina) while squirting blood. Usually occuring while the female is on a period.
Christine needed to take out her tampon and bleef.
This may be considered the opposite of a shart.
by terminator1234 January 17, 2011
0 0
A Bleef occurs when a girl on her period queefs, and thereby expels blood and air from her vagina.
Yesterday Becky bleefed all over my jeans and ruined them.
by bpc33 November 21, 2008
2 6
1. After taking someones anal virginity, the aftermath, A Bloody Fart.

2. The act of Farting Blood
Dan: "I did her so hard in her ass last night!"
Zach: "Oh Yeah, first time huh?"
Dan: "Yea, right before i pulled out she let out this huge Bleef, that blood got all over me!"
Zach: "Thats awesome!!"
by Nut Zach March 21, 2008
5 19
It's a word you say when someone ask you what's up?..and something IS up but you can't be bothered to tell them about it..
Einar says:
so whatup?
Brown{\m/Mrs says:
Einar says:
( see definition of wnag)
by brown October 16, 2004
1 26