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The meaning of Einar is "one warrior; battle leader" or the chief that stands alone.

Refers to the heroes of Valhalla, in the Old Norse legends.
Einar has 3 variant forms: Einer, Ejnar and Inar.
Often blond, tall and with blue eyes.
- Isn't that Einar, over there?
- Yeah, he's doing it again...
- What again.
- Acting like a small chief.
by Sea Wolf January 11, 2011
Man in serious need of psychological aid
by Einar May 13, 2003
he want's to spank you
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
In Norwegian means: "A man who has to resort to lying to appear better than others."

Are usually the weak and pitiful kinds of people who are without any friends.
A guy who's einar: I'm pr0 I came on 5. place in the national karate tourneys, even though I have large striking pains in my right shoulder.
by per olav January 26, 2009
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