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A word used by Dubliners to emphasise something.Except they mean to use the real word bleeding,but are incapable of syaing it
Jays' I'm bleedin fucked
by gerry80 October 04, 2003
11 13
Irish word to emphasize anything. Whether it be good or bad.
I'm bleedin pissed off
Bleedin deadly
by Wezz November 17, 2004
57 26
word used to emphasize others
"They were this bleedin' big"
"The film was bleedin' deadly"
"Ya bleedin' eejit"
by Cully April 01, 2003
19 6
to sell drugs in your neighbor hood or community.
"man you won't believe it. that hot chick right there be bleedin' "
by x August 24, 2004
20 9
Sell drugs
I'm bleedin on my block
by Hoezbblockin June 27, 2004
11 9
1.if u bang and ur a blood then ur bleedin.
2.if u got a cut or something then ur probably bleedin.
1. I didnt know JJ was bleedin'
2. damn my arm is fuckin' bleedin'!
by sn0man October 01, 2007
5 5
01. Cold
02. Hurtin
01. Damn it is bleedin out here!
02. My feet are bleedin cause i been walkin all day
by Xochitl September 08, 2003
13 14