A combination of the words: Blaine + Glee

Blaine (Anderson) is a popular character in the show called Glee. He is played by actor Darren Criss.
I can't wait for next week's episode on Glee! There's going to be many Blee solos!
by Serendipity? April 26, 2012
A not-entirely onomatopoeic word to describe the act of vomiting, usually as an instantaneous reaction to a piece of particularly unpleasant information.

This word was propagated in the 80's and 90's by the seminal 'Smash Hits' magazine in the UK

The word ends in an indefinite number of e's and exclamation marks, in direct proportion to the disgustingness of the preceding idea.
"Here's a cut-out-'n'-keep picture of Wendy James and her hairy legs. Blee!"

"Oh no. George Michael's about to be sick in his cowboy boots. Bleeeeee!!!"
by pudswoods August 09, 2006
Something unpleasant.

(Der. "bleer", "bleerer" - the stuff in your eyes which makes one bleery eyed in the morning; Scots Eng.)
Mack hasn't washed for a week - he's so blee.
by Dave April 06, 2004
To tweak someone out while offering the allure of sexual gratification
"man, that girl was really bleeing out, but I wanted to bust one, so I threw it in her douce coup."
by jake the snake December 14, 2003
happy,unbelievably wonderful,luccism
Lucci is blee
by sir_n_lady August 17, 2003
Likeness, sameness.
Complexioned, colored.
Yo, he's straight, he's blee.
by schlesiger murdoch en eternus August 11, 2003
mediocre, so-so
"oh, the sandwich, its blee....i guess"
by shen&her May 25, 2009
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