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An exclamation used to emphasize the state of being ready to shoot yourself in the ass twice out of boredom and the complete lack of motivation to complete any work.

Bleargh, I'm so fucking bored and I don't want to do work.
by ljds November 28, 2005
Typical onomatopoeia used in comics and manga when someone puke.
"Bleargh! I hate alien bowels! Damn!"
by Simz88 July 09, 2009
The term used to describe a feeling of melancholy combined with, or caused by, sadness or illness. It is used when one finds it difficult to express how they feel.
A counsellor or friend asks, 'How are you feeling?'
'I feel bleargh.'
by eenerdesigns February 17, 2010
The noise that is made when someone on southpark dies.
*person walking on train tracks*, *gets hit by train* "BLEARGH!!!"
by anonymous464645 September 15, 2005
To be extremely disappointed in someone or something.
"You know it's bad when your parents don't disown you, but rather when they say that you made them bleargh."
by Emma October 27, 2003
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