n. person of mixed race- black and asian
Our blasian friend looks alot like Tiger Woods but can't play golf.
by stumptown March 14, 2010
A child born of African-American and Asian parentage.
My parents are very progressive: I'm a Blasian."
Old Timey: " My dad served in Korea."
Examples: Kimora Lee Simmons, Hines Ward

Questionable Examples: Wu Tang Klan
by rumtopf February 01, 2011
A mix of a Black and an Asian, this hybrid is known as Blasian
Bob: "What race are you again, Jim?"

Jim: "Me mom iz Japanese and me dad iz Black"

Bob: "Sooooooo, your Blasian?"
by BoognishJr July 09, 2009
A person who is a mix of being both of a black race, and asian.

Tony is totally blasian!
by HeyMom March 12, 2009
Blasian is the mixture of a Black person and a asian, no, they are not a myth
Guy 1 : Yo asian boy gimme that pen

Guy 2 : Im not asian yo im blasian, a black asian, got it son? ya feel me?
by rickyblasiansupnig May 11, 2010
a black asian combination either male or female
His mom is Chinese and his Dad is black so he is a blasian
by Peter C. Melonas July 14, 2009
A mixture of a black person and an asian person
Did you see that kid he was a tall with slanted eyed blasian
by SeaWar97 May 17, 2011

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