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A mixture of a black person and an asian person
Did you see that kid he was a tall with slanted eyed blasian
by SeaWar97 May 17, 2011
A Blasian is a person of Black, Asian and Caucasian Races
Tiger Woods is a Blasian
by Graydy August 18, 2013

(blasian beauty)
by Kimora471 November 12, 2011
Contrary to popular belief, when black person has sex with an asian person they don't have mexican babies. Their kids are infact blasian.

They all are good at math, and run really fast. God help us all if a Blasian ever decides to mate with a jew
I had a girlfriend, Saymm, who was blasian. She broke my heart after 4 years of dating. At first her Math/Sport skills frightened and aroused me. Now I think she's a bitch.
by Madcron March 23, 2009
An Asian that acts and dresses black. Wears Nike's...fitted hats, etc.
yoo that blasian is fresh!
by worrrrd yooo May 06, 2011
An Asian person who has dyed their hair blonde to deviate from the typical black hair that is attributed to their culture. On the other hand, the blasian doesn't necessarily have to have blonde hair; they could be a blonde on the inside in terms of their dumb comments, girly characteristics, or general slowness.
An Asian girl with fake blonde hair walks past at a party; blonde haired Caucasian turned on by their mating compatibility yells: "Yeahhhh Blasian, that's what I'm talkin' bout!!"
by Floor 2.5 December 12, 2010
The reason chicks want to get up on you.
Jaimee: well I appreciate you not wanting to wake me up but if y couldn’t sleep I would have rather sat up and talked to u more … find out why I keep falling more and more for u ;)
Tiger: Because I’m blasian :)
by irmonkey December 16, 2009