Blonde Asian can be male or female.
Man you are Blasian that was a dumb question dude.
by Karlabrit March 07, 2015

(blasian beauty)
by Kimora471 November 12, 2011
A mixture of a black person and an asian person
Did you see that kid he was a tall with slanted eyed blasian
by SeaWar97 May 17, 2011
Okay so to all you motherfuckers who think that asians are the best race evr it might just not be. On June 5th 2014 someone were guessing it was Miley Cyrus came up with BLASIAN. Yasss Girlll Blasian. A Black person that's asian. The can whoop ass and do you damn taxes at the same time. Blasians are known to nae nae and yeet.
Michael: Hey I have a friend that's a black that can kick your ass.
Sam: Well I have a Blasian calculator that can kick your ass.
Michael: Damn wigga.
by Ignitecreed September 17, 2014
A Blasian is a person of Black, Asian and Caucasian Races
Tiger Woods is a Blasian
by Graydy August 18, 2013
Blonde Asian whose roots look TERRIBLE
See Bill from Fudge 'em 5 he is the blasian one
by Frontbottom1 January 01, 2015
the act of being blazed..and chink eyed from smoking marijuana..
Mike and Devon were so blasian from smoking the blueberry blunt.
by wang333 October 13, 2011

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