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Someone of mixed african and asian ancestry; technically, that would make him/her afrasian, but blasian is easier to say
Tier Woods is a blasian.
by Super Guy February 09, 2004
An individual who is of asian and african/black descent. Also known as Afro-Asian. These individuals have a high probability of coming out very attractive.
Ariels mom is African American, her dad is Korean. Ariel is blasian.

There is a high rise of black/asian women in the entertainment industry.

Blasians have become widely known as the most attractive mix in the U.S.
by Vanessa LM November 25, 2006
A Black - Asian
- "Is that a black person or an asian?"

- "Both, She/He is a Blasian
by Dan & Jay April 22, 2003
A word used to describe someone of african-american and asian heritage.
That is one hot blasian!

I bet that blasian has some Korean in her, because she is bangin!
by notorious blig May 21, 2005
1.A FINE girl that is a mixture of black and asian
2. an asian girl that is so Blazin' hot, that you know you wanna hit dat.
D*** yo! That hottie was blasian!!!
by Speshial K July 12, 2006
The godly mixture of a black and asian person. You get the combined athleticism of black man and the athleticism of an asian and plus you get the smart skills of an asain. Blasians are perfect people.
"That troi williams is one blasian"(also manwie chan even though he is not black)
by sam fro kid March 05, 2007
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