A haggard looking female. Usually the unattractive friend of a girl you want to date.
Mitch: "Hey, I'm gonna go for the cute red head. you talk to her friend"
Jake: "What? i'm not getting stuck with the blargg dude, I'm talking the cute red head."
by Hontop Shanny February 03, 2010
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the fiery demon from the lava in super mario world 2 for snes.
Shit, that blargg almost just killed me!
by Blargg July 29, 2005
a combination of 'blah' and 'argg' usually used in fustration.

usually a term used by pirates.
1-BLARGG the scurvy dog got away again! best if said by pirate
2-BLARGG! i had such a bad day today!
3-person 1: blargg
person 2: whats wrong?
person 1: just bored and dont know what to do
by hex April 30, 2005
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