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When a man receives oral sex while vomitting.
John received a blarf after eating oysters and hiring a hooker.
by Kenton December 17, 2003
When you barf and laugh at the same time. Truly disasterous.
the party was so mindblowing I blarfed at one point, spraying chucks every which way. Good thing it isn't my house.
by ashenalar February 27, 2004
The unavoidable product (vomit) of reading too many pretentious bloggs.
The latest entry was so pretentious it made me blarf.
by Veaman October 22, 2006
A cross mating of a blanket and a scarf = A BLARF
wearing a blanket around your neck like a scarf so its a blarf
by Emishell January 02, 2010
1. to blog angrily; 2. to regurgitate (via the internet) whatever facile jargon and stock phrases, bereft of serious analysis, facts, or nourishing content of any kind, one has been force fed by the asinine and inane
"Ew, gross! I just stumbled over a huge pile of feminist blarf!"

Tumblr is full of blarf.
by Fleetlord_Atvar April 02, 2013
The act of throwing up, puking or perhaps getting sick.
"Oh my god, I haven't felt good all night. Be right back! I think i'm about to blarf!"

"Hold on, I think I have to blarf..."
by erin[x]core; November 19, 2007
when you take a shit and you can't hold in your puke so you turn around and barf all on the shit you just took.
Jim M got to drunk and shit then turned around w/ his pants down and barf on his shit in cape may new jersey bitch.
by Johnny spots February 01, 2005