when you take a shit and you can't hold in your puke so you turn around and barf all on the shit you just took.
Jim M got to drunk and shit then turned around w/ his pants down and barf on his shit in cape may new jersey bitch.
by Johnny spots February 01, 2005
The phenomenon that takes place when smoking a blunt you just can't handle and you vomit.
"hphhhhhhhhhh.... braaaaaaaach" "dude! go easier so you don't blarf again"
by EffPee February 11, 2009
The act of Blarf.


The expression of Blarf.
Hey janathan.. blarf
by Grinidad March 24, 2008
an outer space delinquent that prefers sotime to oral and vagina sex
That blarf screwed me in the ass
by queefy rugrat January 26, 2010
A male/female (commonly females) who are try hards in looking good yet ugly as fuck and flirts with guys/girls that despise their presence. A common way of identifying a blarf is that they wear shirts that hang off one shoulder, indicating that maybe they are a slut, but later on you find out they are indeed a tight ass prudey trudy. They usually try and act like others and seek loads of attention. They do not follow bros b4 hoes or chicks b4 dicks. Simply, a blarf is someone who thinks they are hot, yet is not in a way, shape, or form attractive.
hannah is the biggest blarf on the planet

did you see that disgusting skank over there? she deserves the rank of a blarf

that boy that just passed is so ugly, i hear he is such a tool. what a blarf.
by killtheblarfs.com April 06, 2011
Combination of blowing chunks and barfing.
Good lord in heaven, that diner was so bad, I had to blarf!
by Sidd Black October 23, 2002

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