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to hit, punch. from the greek blapto - to hurt or harm
I blapsed this rudeboy
by Richard Osmond October 18, 2003
to hit
to deliver a heavy blow
He blapsed me in the nads.
He's just blapsing it.
Don't make me blapse you babylon.
by spencer February 01, 2003
to strike or slap the victim's face with the shaft of an erect penis. Can often cause severe damage to the shaft but most find the act worth it as the "blapsee" is officially your biatch from that point forward.
"I'm at the hospital"
"oh you poor thing what happened?"
"I blapsed a guy at school and he had a nose ring, so they had to amputate to prevent infection"
"o__O ..."
#jobby #mushroom thump #ghandi #pirate surprise #t-bag
by Arran2 July 07, 2006
to sweep ones flat hand across a unsuspecting victim's face, palm to face, as if to close their eyes.

an attack used in schools, usually in provocation or in flirting.
if thou dost not stop these insults one shall blapse up your head, BO!
by David Wilkinson December 24, 2003
To provide pleasure for a woman who is under the illusion she is catching the bargs!
Girl 1 to Girl 2: did you blapse hi last night?

Girl 2 to girl 1: yeah i did, it was great think i'll see him soon.

Girl 1 to girl 2: so you'll call him?

Girl 2 to Girl 1: eeer, yeah but he'll call me first...obviously!
by Jack ALexander July 07, 2003
to make love to / fuck a member of the opposite sex
i blapsed this fat girl last night...
by Canary July 04, 2003
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