usually reffering to a small penis boy. a faggot. a bitch.
center of all jokes
lets make like a tree and blanch the fuck on out of here.

yo that girl is going out with a blanch?
yea she tells me their done in one minute

by michael gallager November 16, 2006
Top Definition
to rectally insert drugs as to increase the potency of the chemical or as an alternative to other methods. Yes, people really do this.
Man, blanching those pills got me so much higher than when I swallowed them the other day.
by JHBoy September 20, 2006
To jizz uncontrollably
"Dakota's dad wouldn't stop blanching all over the couch."
by DBlanchy September 28, 2012
1) To physically or emotionally hurt someone.

2) To perform exceedingly well in a task.
1) Did you see that fight yesterday? That guy got blanched!
2) I'm gonna blanch my driving test.
by adgad June 01, 2009
In reference to Blanch Deveroe from Golden Girls.

Two accepted definitions:

1. Another way to call a person a bitch

2. A way to reference a stupid girl
1. Put the corn on the cob up your asshole Julio, stop being such a Blanch.

2. Hear that stupid Blanch. She didn't even try to cover up that super queef.
by Bob Tatone July 29, 2011
Verb. To completely and totally screw something up in a predictible but epic way.

Noun. Broken in a terrible way.
1. So I was trying to untangle these wires when they caught fire, burning the entire building down. I totally blanched the whole thing up.

2. Listen, when you take Sabrina out for dinner - don't blanch it with her.

3. You blanched my computer.

4. Don't blanch my stuff dude, its expensive.

5. I just got into a head on collision. My car is completely blanched now.
by incredibleblancher May 12, 2009
A combination of Blue Cheese and Ranch Dressing sure to please the palette and the stomach. Goes particularly well with cheese fries, wings, jalapeno poppers, and burgers. Can also be used to induce vomiting for extremely intoxicated individuals.
Waitress, can I get a side of Blanch with my fries?
by Cary S June 16, 2008
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