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One BLAM is equivalent to 1,000,000 to the 1,000,000th power. It is the ultimate number when creating scenarios, but it's not something crazy like one billion to the billionth power... that would just be stupid.
20 BLAM of hobbits vs. Superman... who would win?
by condorraptor April 18, 2012
The standard blasty noise. The power of the blam can sometimes be measured by the size of the word when it is written, or by the number of exclamation marks at the end of the word.
Blam! - Standard
BLAM! - Larger, more destructive
by Alex October 21, 2003
On newgrounds.com when a bad movie is released it is often deleted by recieving a low score, or blammed
This movie sucks, blam it now
by Furby March 08, 2003
What you help to do by voting 0 or 1 on a Flash submission on Newgrounds. However, it has to be done to a movie under judgement and receive a low score.
By voting 0, you have been involved in the blamming of "Super stick Flash-Vote 5"
by 1_WTC_Lock June 01, 2004
May be accompanied by the phrase "In your face", or any variation of that phrase, and/or the action of jerking off and throwing the cum. It is generally used when some one has powned another person and wants to make them feel bad about it.
BLAM! In your face! You got powned!
by CJAY17 July 26, 2010
1. BLAM, in short, means "To delete off the face of the earth."

This term is commonly used on "Newgrounds.com" and various other sites.

It has known to be used out of context, in everyday conversations as well.

2. To humiliate or own.

2. *Fat kid gets knocked to the ground* OOH!!! BLAMMED!!!
by TehPwnz0rz September 07, 2004
The most delicate mixings of tobacco and marijuana smoked through a water pipe. Ratios may vary. Mild blams have a higher marijuana to tobacco blam, while a spicy blams have a higher tobacco to marijuana content. A well mixed blam can result in mild euphoria, tingling, and the inability to do anything but eat and sink into couches. A poorly mixed blam could result in anxiety, extreme coughs, and a yellow colour. Smoking blams can result in feeling "blammed" or "blapped".
You got some Bali-Shag and herb? Let's blam it!
by AudioBuddha May 11, 2011
A word that can describe/ illustrate anything.
"Bro, she's totally down for some blammin"

"My eyes are red, can you pass the eye blammers?"

"Yeah, last night, I totally tongue blammed my girlfriend's pooper"
by BlammerSupporter August 26, 2014