A word describing an instance when one is a combination of being blazed and baked, this feeling conjoins to form a super high refered to as "blaked".
-"Dude, i'm so blaked,everything is awesome"

-"Don't you mean baked dude"

-"Naw man,im way past baked, im blaked for sure."

baked high blazed fucked up pot weed smoking
by super.blaked.chick July 01, 2010
When someone gets fired from their job and walked out by the police after calling the boss a cocksucker.
When he came in he got blaked. Josh called the cops and he was gone.
by capt. jr April 26, 2009
To be killed in a fashion similar to that performed by Robert Blake.
Shut up before you get blaked!
I have blaked people for lesser reasons.
by arbormystic August 10, 2005
When one is heavily intoxicated on alcohol or a cocktail of drugs.
"Oh man, I'm so Blaked right now"

"I don't remember anything. I was Blaked off my tits"
by Sam-Squatch October 16, 2011
A mixture of the words baked (refering to being hy) and blanked (when you are so hy your mind just stayes blank)
One friend talkin to another

"Daamn Homie im wayyy blaked"
"Ya man me to.. i cant even think straight"
by brett h. March 31, 2008
to banned.never come back.
wat the fuck pussy nigga blaked me
by brendan rogers February 08, 2008
when you smoke weed, grass, dope, pot, etc. you become blaked.
god, im so blaked.
by bobby April 29, 2004

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