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One of the most beautiful girls on the planet. She is a good influence to others, and has a wonderful personality that others would kill for. She's very trustworthy and is good with advise. Others seek upon her for help with their lives. Guys want her, but some know they cant have her. She lives to please people and make her life the best it possibly can be. You will fall in love with her when you stumble upon her.
Blakely is one of the finest people on earth, and i wish to meet her.
by Apple-Cinnamon. March 23, 2009
A unique blend of the Afrikaans word ‘blykbaar ‘and the English word ‘apparently’. Generally used when discussing spiteful people…more often than not people in and around the workplace. (Pronounced: Blake-lee) (Sounds like cake free) or (stolen money)
“Blakely Reana sold her soul to the devil for R7000.00 per month”

“Hahaha………. Fudge-bucket”
by Ketlien November 01, 2010
a little person who fancys himself as some what of a ladies man but is a perv but is exteremly funny
blakely douglas zimmerman the 3rd
by stephaanieee May 18, 2008
Someone who likes animals in a sexual way (mostly cats), and spend hours just to cuddle with them.
Person 1: Dude, i had Mike over last nite, when he left my cat couldn't stop meowing.

Person 2: Mike must have done a Blakely.

Person 1: I thought her ass was bigger
by Floyd Destoryer June 23, 2009

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