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A "Blake" is a man that is uncontrollable of his natural desires. This type of man sometimes just has to let out what must be let out. Blake's will sometimes go 11 rounds even if by the seventh or eight they start to shoot blanks. These type of people are often notorious for just letting out their "stress" when in public and will sometimes even do it while at school.
Person: dude u need help, your just being a Blake all the time now.
A Blake: that's not true at all.
Person: you just jacked off in the school bathroom!!!
by Benjamin199ben November 21, 2012
1 4
Blake's are anti-commitment males with a very warped since of what a relationship should be. He doesn't like labels put on his relationship status because that eliminates the possibility of an "easy out". Not a great guy to be in a relationship with but he will be your best friend ever. Overall, Blake is a great guy but not one that you should expect to have a lifelong commitment with. He is also possibly a homosexual but may not know it or admit it.
Anonymous-"is she your gf?"
Blake-"no, I don't like labels"
by yeah_whtever December 03, 2011
5 8
A slightly naive, sort-of funny guy. Burps loudly in math/science class. When a girl breaks up with him, he acts like a total jerk. He's cute, but once you get to know him you'd rather stay in the friend zone. A great friend to have and talk to, but just a friend.
Blake: *buuuurp*
Me: You're so gross.
Blake: I know.
by O-grrrl May 05, 2011
7 10
A very short male.
woah look at that blake!
by gregorious12345 March 16, 2011
21 24
A Blake is typically the whitest kid in school. Some may consider "Blakes" as tools who teachers think are retarded. Blakes think they are tough meanwhile can't kill mosquito's without being upset. If they don't become rich they are in trouble for they are incredibly lazy. Watch out Mexican's!!!!
Colby: Professor Jones thinks Bob is a Blake.

Armand: Uhh I know!

Colby: I also feel bad for Rodrigo since Bob was being a Blake to him.
by ayobreezy210 July 24, 2011
9 14
To try something in extreme sports/action sports and fail miserably.
I tried paddling out into double overhead waves at the Strand and got totally blaked.
by Public Pretender July 06, 2011
4 9
Why did you go out and be a Blake like that?

You're such a Blake!
by paperLord November 04, 2012
5 11