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Usually referred to as "a Blair", refers to a joint containing 5 or more grams of weed. Cannot be rolled in pencil style to be considered a true blair, because a true Blair must get bigger as the joint gets longer.
Stoner 1: Dude lets roll a blair and smoke it all right now
Stoner 2: Fuck ya!


Stoner 1: Dude that blair was awesome, there must have been like 7 grams in there
Stoner 2: Holy shit man im fucking tripping out
by stonermandude March 23, 2009
73 550
A wonderful girl who has turned your whole life alround, a girl who has trouble seeing how mutch love you have for her. A girl who, described what attacts you to her, its "somthing-you-cant-quite-describe". All of your friends tell you "you can do better", but you still know love, in a strange way, is still there.
We've gone through a lot, been put through a lot, but i still love that Blair so0o much...
by Edoc June 12, 2005
93 579
The nicest guy in da world
Did he touch you?
NO! He's Blair
by Ashdan January 12, 2008
115 608
1. someone who acts like you are a sex god when they're stuck on first base
2. someone who acts cool when they really arent

3. to do something really stupid
1. Dude, he's such a blair. He always says how much pussy he gets but no girl likes him.

2. He acted like a blair when he showed up to the party without being invited.

3. He pulled a blair when he thought toast was a dairy product.
by roflcopter25161758 May 06, 2009
38 539
To shit in places other than a toilet
Dude, Mark Smith just Blaired in Joe McDonald's Locker.
by General Goodwill March 20, 2009
30 531
a big titted women, thin and attracts lesbins. but is intrested in men only
lesbo: woah, she is such a blair
by you don`t know my 22 January 03, 2008
185 686
A Blair is a total womaniser.
Women find him totally irresistable.
Once they kiss him he's guaranteed to have sex with them.
That guy is a total Blair.
She doesn't stand a chance.
by chenzo August 30, 2006
53 558