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He is an amazing boyfriend, and the best friend anyone could ever have. He is a reliable and trustworthy person, not to mention the most handsome man to ever walk this earth and is so irresistibly sexy. Girls spend their entire lives searching for a guy like this, only a select few are lucky enough to achieve this dream.
My boyfriend Blair is sooo good to me, he treats me like a princess and does anything to make me happy. He is the greatest.
by MichiiCarva July 06, 2011
A ginger prick who is also a hipster and is convinced that he is a bear when he is just a bunny rabbit. he has no real friends and no real prospects. he also is the double of ed sheeran. his dog is named after biscuits: this says a lot.
"Look at that ginger prick, I bet his name's Blair!"
by nkdaaeas March 25, 2013
Someone who appears to be a great guy but is really has no intentions of ever settling down. He will lure you in and make you think you are different than all the rest. See also Blayer.
I thought he was the one but turns out he's just another Blair.
by 1thatuwant September 12, 2011
A town of, like, 10,000 people in Nebraska. You might hate it, but at least it's not Elkhorn.
It's not Tekamah, Missouri Valley, Arlington, Fort Calhoun, Fremont, Kennard, Gretna, or Herman, either. Nope - it's Blair.
by Blair Bears February 04, 2010
the most amazing guy you will ever meet
he is hawt!
he is smart!
he is sweet!
he is funny!
he is a good kisser!
+ gives great hugs!
he is all round everything any girl will ever want!
see that babe over there? he is such a blair!
by meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww July 01, 2009
To act of slapping someone in the face with an anchovy.
oh dudee, you just got blair'd.
by reptileman. April 30, 2008
Someone who is mentally/socially challenged or someone who is constantly stupid. To be used as an insult.
Oh my god your such a Blair.
by R.D.S. August 24, 2011