1. someone who acts like you are a sex god when they're stuck on first base
2. someone who acts cool when they really arent

3. to do something really stupid
1. Dude, he's such a blair. He always says how much pussy he gets but no girl likes him.

2. He acted like a blair when he showed up to the party without being invited.

3. He pulled a blair when he thought toast was a dairy product.
by roflcopter25161758 May 06, 2009
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blair n. - the state of being strong, creative, and beautiful; adj. able to drop a heart and break a namev. to outshine
She is a major Blair
by blairstephanie April 09, 2008
The Gaelic word meaning open plain or field
The house was located over-looking a peaceful blair
by Cotter May 13, 2006
A girl who is way more smart than anybody knows. She comes off as the most beautiful creature. Known to break hearts. Full dynamite.
If only I had my 'Blair' back.
by Coalchuck November 24, 2008
a damn sexy girl with a big personality; known to break hearts but if you can get her, it'll be the most incredible time of your life. can be extremely sexy when she wants to be, but is one of those girls who is fun to just chill with. might not have the biggest boobs or butt, but knows how to use what she's got. very flirty, sometimes with guys other than you.. knows how to live. this bitch doesn't take shit. to any guy who can get a blair, hats off man.
Dude 1: Have you met the new girl? Total Blair, I call dibs.
Dude 2: yeah right. like you'll ever get a Blair.
by gmr_qdr69 January 29, 2012
Name, either masculine or feminine:
1. Scottish for "field of battle", "battlefield", or just "field"
2. An extremely original and badass name for a guy or a girl
3. A legendary individual who's got fire for a mind and ice for a heart
4. The name of a private boarding school in New Jersey
5. The name that will have everyone asking you if you've done a project on witches.
6. The name that will always be misheard as Claire (and vice versa)
Blair: Hey, how's it going?
Mary: Your name is Blair, right? Oh dear... <3 *o* (faints)

Jack: Hey, are you new here? What's your name?
Blair: I'm Blair.
Jack: Like The Blair Witch Project?? Whoa! I wish I had a name as original as that...

Random girl: Hey! Claire! Come here!
Blair: Umm, hi, do I know you?
Random girl: No, dumbass, I was talking to CLAIRE!
by Elijah Thom September 18, 2014
A male or female that is blaring loud, and has no concept of what an "Indoor Voice" is. Also a person who is willing to go to the middle of a dance circle and bust a move that only middle schoolers do.
*Baby is born*
Mother:"Should we name her whisper?"
Dad:"I think we should name her Blair!"
*15 years later*
Mom:"naming her Blair was an awful idea!"
Dad:"What? I can't hear you."


*In the middle of a dance circle at a frat party*
Frat boy 1:"Dude what is Blair doing?"
Frat boy 2:"I think he's pushing a shopping cart?... Wait now he is changing a light bulb?"
Frat boy 1:"Are we playing charades... I thought we were dancing?"
Frat boy 2:"I think that is his dancing!"
by Rachet Twerker September 15, 2013
a motherfucker
Honey Badgers are the baddest Blairs on the planet!
by Dangerfield44 October 27, 2014

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