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When someone sends you a link to a video of Rebecca Black's "Friday" when you think it's something else. It's just like a rickroll, but a million times more annoying due to hearing a voice even autotune can't save.
Tim: "Dude, check out this trailer of the new Dark Knight sequel....Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is HOT!!!:"

Josh: *Clicks link.* *Proceeds to get a blackroll.*

Tim: "XD"

Josh: "I can deal with rickrolls, because that song has always been class. But this shit just made my ears grow arms, get a pair of scissors, cut themselves off, and jump off a bridge. Thanks, asshole."
by JimboWales March 22, 2011
When what you think is a link to something you want to see actually directs you to a video of Rebecca Black singing "Friday."
Awww! Black-Rolled again, thought this was actually an instructional video on the order of days in a week.
by Black-Roll-Creator March 25, 2011
to be tricked, through any method, into clicking a link that takes you to the Rebecca Black video "Friday"
ZOMG!! thats the 4th time i've been black rolled today.
by tassysurfer April 02, 2011
Black Roll, the new Rick Roll.

It's to click a link expecting something but actually get the 'Rebecca Black - Friday' song!
Guy1; Hey bro, want to see the new song by 'Wowcats'
Guy2; Dude, YEHHHH
Guy1; *Rebecca black - Friday link*
by Mikul_c April 02, 2011
To rickroll, or post a misleading link, to Rebecca Black's song Friday for (hopefully) humorous results.
For April Fool's, Blizzard blackrolled visitors to
by Tricked April 01, 2011
To be To post a misleading link with a subject that promises to be exciting or interesting, e.g. "World of Starcraft in-game footage!" or "Paris Hilton blows Busta Rhymes' dick" but actually turns out to be the video for Rebecca Black's single, "Friday".
I just totally got blackrolled
by Robula April 07, 2011
A term used when directing friends, family members or enemies to click on a link which instead of leading to an interesting article, funny picture, or other amusing item instead points the viewer to Rebecca Black's "Friday" video on YouTube.
Person A: "Hey, check out this press release for the upcoming Half-Life 3! I can't believe they're finally making it!"

Person B: "Sweet! *clicks link, instead taken to Rebecca Black's "Friday" video*

Person B: "YOU SUCK!"

Person A: "Ha ha, you just got BlackRolled!
by GKickPerry April 01, 2011
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