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This is not your everyday african american that we know and love, this is a very special breed called a black red neck or black neck for short. They like to watch nascar, wear cowboy hats and sometimes enjoy a monster truck rally.
Yo look at that black dude with the cowboy hat and belt buckle, he is totally a black neck
by d p 3 February 23, 2009
a gangster who is also a redneck
Mike is such a blackneck, watching hunting movies and popping gats.
by jjjjjessica January 06, 2008
Black rednecks
dem dere BlackNecks gonna start a goat farm in Kentucky.
by Kat Daddy April 28, 2004
A slang term in Northern Ireland for someone who is a member of Loyalist Paramilitary organisation the Ulster Volunteer Force or UVF
Nah, he's not a Womble, he's a Black Neck, his da's the head man.
by olliebroon February 16, 2011
black ruff-neck thuggish dude!
check out that blackneck nigga over there!
by greg December 26, 2003
Dirty Person, hails from Alloa.
"She's a dirty wee Blackneck"
by Crazy April 01, 2003
also very smooth player
that blackneck's got big game
by greg December 26, 2003