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a meaner way of saying "you rnt getting it". often used by those people who r hilarious that always have a straight face.
Mommy": "And people in hell want ice water.
by chrisssythewhite April 02, 2011
Kicking/using your feet to keep a ball from bouncing up off the ground and hitting you. Especially useful for if you want to have kids some day. Poor testacles :(
I used Kung-Football to protect my nards. Funny thing Kung-Fu would be invited in Asia. We have a bigger more sensitive testacle problem out west. Oh well, at least I kept my nuts. and semen. and sperm.
by Chrisssythewhite February 08, 2011
A small group of black and redneck teens who hang out together. They typically are in larger cities.
Wow! Look at those black necks! They really shouldn't pull pranks and shit on their teacher, but well theyre black necks!
by Chrisssythewhite February 07, 2011
What you call someone whi is an anooying person who has a high pitched vioce or your little sister.
Cindy, "dont be such a bieber!" Stop whining about how you cant get a boyfriend!
Hey sis, i love you and all, but "dont be such a bieber!"
by Chrisssythewhite February 07, 2011
The act of a female (or occasionaly a male) going fuk wild over justin bieber. It is pretty much the equivalance of a guy getting a boner for some hot chick.
Girl- uhhh justin bieber is so smexy, i wanna touch him and listen to him sing, ever though hes probably homosexual!

Guy- shut the hell up! i dont care if u have bieber fever as long as u keep it in your pants!
by Chrisssythewhite February 08, 2011
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