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A strikebreaker. Someone who goes to work during a strike, possibly having to cross a picket line. May or may not be a union member. See also scab.
X is a blackleg. I saw him sneaking into the factory yesterday.
by arfch August 10, 2006
The act of you and your partner pooping in your pants and wearing each-other's pants with the poop still in it.
I love the warm feeling of my wife's black legs in the morning!
by jraaabbb November 09, 2010
A very large penis, may be dark in color, but not necessarily. This word comes from a mix of "third leg" and the legend that people with dark skin have bigger penises then whiter people.
My blackleg was floppin' all over the place and hittin' my knees.
by HC Greenly January 04, 2007

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