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when someone with braces sucks your penis and rips it to shreds
damn that girl gave me a bndpw
by JDOGG June 01, 2004

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black bloody dick fleshy hoe
braces in the female mouth....if used during felatio, will shred the man's penis
"dude, your sister is a black-n-decker pecker wrecker"
by Jincks, the owner of your souls October 05, 2003
This girl thats sits beside me in classss, aka any girl with braces, the destroy of all man kind. She rips penis to pieces with her braces.
a girl beside me in class is the black n decker pecker wrecker
by pecker wrecker October 18, 2010
when a black hoe sucks yo dick and makes it all bloody and fleshy
damn that black n' decker pecker wrecker put me in the hospital
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 08, 2011